Thursday, April 7, 2011

Me and my Peeps!

Do you want to know a secret? Behind this giveaway-lovin; gal is a peeps-obsessed fanatic! I have eaten peeps every Easter season since I can remember. I can still recall when Peeps began making their sweet little sugar-covered confections for Haloween, Christmas, and Valentines day, I was so excited to have my delicious Peeps available nearly year-round! Now they just need to make them for the fourth of July and we'll be set! But there really is nothing that can compare to the classic Easter bunny and chick-shaped peeps! I have already stocked up for the season and hopefully a little longer! I can never decide which is my favorite whether it be the bunnies or the chicks, or the pink or the yellow or the blue. So I just buy some of each! And I do think it's funny that after all of these years of eating peeps they are really becoming a fashion statement. My mother-in-law just told me she saw a center piece made to look like a topiary of peeps, and there are websites devoted to peeps. It's awesome that other people are finally discovering the awesomeness that is the PEEP!

Now, I don't know if you have noticed, but there are two kinds of "Peeple" the kind of people who like to leave their peeps out in the air so they become rock hard, and the kind of people who like them marshmellowy soft. I am of the latter group. I like my peeps to be as soft as possible. I store them in a air-tight container after I open them so they can stay perfectly soft. I actually grew up in the South, where it is very humid, so my peeps have always remained deliciously soft. Then I went to college out West in Idaho where it is high elevation and very dry weather, and was shocked when my peeps tasted dry (compared to what I was used to) right out of the package! This would not do. SOOOOoooooo...I had my parents buy my peeps down south and SHIP them up to me in Idaho so they would be the same deliciously soft texture I was used to!!!

So do I love my peeps, yes I do! And I have passed on this little obsession to my children who get them in their Easter baskets. But, some how, my little girl has become one of those people who loves her peeps rock-hard. Oh well, at least she still loves em'!

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